With ARTSQUAD the partners want to build on their previous experience in the youth field and especially in the development of educational curricula, educational material and interactive resources. At the same time, ARTSQUAD represents a new innovation in the provision of continuous professional development supports for youth professionals.

The partners in ARTSQUAD will develop and share effective methods and tools to be used in reaching out to marginalised young people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

The synthesis of the partners will result in further internationalisation of youth work and opening to cross-sectoral cooperation allowing greater permeability across all fields of actions concerning young people.

SEAL CYPRUS is a non-profit organization based in Nicosia, the ethnically divided capital of Cyprus. With our work we try to overcome the results of the urban division and our members are from both ethnic groups. SEAL CYPRUS was established in 2013 as the successor of the informal youth group “YouthLabCY”. SEAL CYPRUS aims in promoting dialogue and cooperation in the fields of education and training, youth, life-long learning, global education, career guidance, vocational training, environment, sustainable development, culture, sports, employment, entrepreneurship and social affairs.
SEAL CYPRUS encourages Cypriots to participate in a variety of national, European and international projects and also to disseminate the knowledge they gain at the local and the European level.

Youth in Science and Business Foundation (YSBF) is a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting innovative ideas and creativity which disseminates information on advancements of science and technology and conduct research activities related to IT (Information Technologies) and innovation.
YSBF´s passion is developing and spreading new ideas and technologies.

Future In Perspective Limited (FIPL) is a private company working in the field of youth development, adult education, e-learning, digital media and social inclusion.
FIP has long experience in the design and implementation of dissemination plans for national and international projects. This experience will be applied in ARTSQUAD to generate and progressively enhance the project’s public profile and create awareness.

Salvati Copiii-filiala Arges is a non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise.

“Save the Children” NGO Romania, is member of “Save the Children International” the largest independent organization for Children Rights promotion according to the United Nations Convention, which implements programmes in over 120 countries. “Save the Children” NGO Romania-Arges branch is an organization for public benefit whose mission is to guarantee equal opportunities for all
children and youth, regardless of their background, by using our own experience and expertise as well as by developing lobby and advocacy activities focused on key stake-holders and the involvement of the civic society leaders. For over 20 years, our NGO is active and became well-known and trusted by the institutions at the local level and by national or international partners.

Salvati Copiii-filiala Arges has an experience in project management, project implementation and developing and managing inter-institutional partnerships.